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    I posted this question earlier but it disappeared...<BR><BR>Okay! Here we go with what i feel is a load of questions. I just purchased a domain name and web hosting space. I am starting a business, i prefer not to give to much information about what exactly i am going to do just because i feel it is a very good idea but basically i want to make a searchable database. I originally posted this on a flash forum but I dont know if flash is the best way to go so then i went to a visual basic forum, they pointed me to html and asp which would be fine if i could figure out ASP. Basically i have made a database in Access which I am entering information into. From there i want to make a website that the user can search through certain fields.<BR><BR>Let me give a comparable example of what i want to do. My company will have all the address&#039; of laundry services that do delivery, taking their phone numbers, the area they are in, their rates(maybe a sheet of theirs scanned in), the price range(i.e. 1-5) and comments.<BR><BR>What i want to do is make it so the user chooses on the first page the area they are in, that narrows the list down to only companies that fit in that range then they can specify price range, and then when they do that it is a more specified list, once there or earlier the user can choose one laundry place, click on them and it will display all the information and a link to the scanned in(pdf) rates sheet.<BR><BR>I dont expect in anyway somebody to explain how to do all this at once even though that would be amazing! but what forums, keywords, directions should i be going in. any pointers would be immensly appreciated. I have a total of zero knowledge about web databases! Thank you for any information. If there is something that doesnt make sense please tell me so i can fix it. I really need help with this. Thanks again in advance.<BR><BR>If this should be somewhere else please tell me!

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    Hmmmm...keywords..<BR>ASP, HTML, IIS, ADO, Dependent list boxes, SQL<BR><BR>ASP for business/display logic<BR>HTML for display<BR>IIS for Server Management<BR>ADO for database connectivity<BR>Dependent list boxes looked like a requirement of yours<BR>SQL to learn how to query the database<BR><BR>

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    ha haa I always wanted to say that. Go to the top or the side and click on the link, that will point you in the right direction. ASP or PHP sound like they will both do what you want to do. This forum is great but you need concrete code questions for most people to help you. That said are some good sources to learn. Pick up a book at your local store. What you want to do does not sound all that difficult. If you have more tangible questions put them up and you will get help.

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