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    I notice that an internet traffic auditor uses "unique users" its main method of reporting statistics.<BR><BR>I understood that this was a very poor measure since many ISPs allocate IP addresses dynamically.<BR><BR>Who&#039;s right?

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    I&#039;m sorry, what&#039;s the connection between a unique user and DHCP?<BR><BR>Measuring "unique users" is a dodgy business. In fact, it&#039;s exceptionally hard, and you&#039;ll find that if different statistical packages analyze the same statistics, they&#039;ll come up with different numbers of unique users.<BR><BR>After all, if several people all access a site from an office, they&#039;ll probably all have one external IP - that of their router...<BR>Similarly (as you mentioned) someone who accesses a site, then disconnects and reconnects may not have the same IP.<BR><BR>There is no 100% accurate method. No-one&#039;s right. There&#039;s just different ways to approach the problem.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Who is *not* unique?

    Well that goes to show the Old addage <BR>There are lies, **** lies and Statistics!<BR><BR>To be honest you can prove anything you want with statistics as you can see in many areas it is *not* an exact science.

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