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    With my checkboxlist control I am trying<BR>to set it up so that only one item in the collection<BR>is able to be selected. In other words if they select<BR>on the first item, then the second, the first item would<BR>be cleared resulting in just one item being selected at<BR>any time. I&#039;m a little unfamiliar with this control so I<BR>was hoping this would be a property but I&#039;m not seeing it.<BR>Is this functionality I&#039;ll need to code?

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    Maybe use Radiobuttonlist?<BR>

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    Default Random Anecdote about checkboxlist you describe

    The University of Minnesota&#039;s Human Factors Resource Lab* has a &#039;Hall of Shame&#039; for *cough* sub-par *cough* user interfaces. The checkbox list functionality described by glpeters is one of the items that made this coveted list. <BR><BR>As Shark stated, use a RadioButtonList when only one item can be selected.<BR><BR>*I am 99% sure this is who put it out, but I cannot find it online at the moment.

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