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Thread: copy table from one access .mdb to another

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    Default copy table from one access .mdb to another

    basically what i have is an access.mdb with say, 50 tables in it. i need to create another database with say 23 of the tables from the original database.<BR><BR>so far, i have created a page that first renames the current database with the current date to be kept as a backup. then i have a new empty .mdb file created.<BR><BR>now i have my source .mdb, a copy of my previous destination .mdb, and a brand new blank .mdb with the proper name waiting for tables from the source .mdb.<BR><BR>any suggestions on how to get only the tables i need from the source .mdb into the new blank .mdb???<BR><BR>any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    Default It would be *FAR* easier... simply copy the original DB to the new DB and then just DROP the tables that you don&#039;t need!<BR><BR>You *can* easily copy a table from one DB to another, but doing so only copies the field types and the data; it doesn&#039;t copy any of the field attributes (e.g., PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, DEFAULT values, and more).<BR><BR>Even that can be solved, and might be worth doing for one or two tables, but in this case, where you want to preserve 23 tables? Far easier to do as I suggested.<BR><BR>

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