ADO <%rs.movenext%>;<% rs.moveprevi

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    Boris O Guest

    Default ADO <%rs.movenext%>;<% rs.moveprevi

    ADO &#060;%rs.movenext%&#062;;&#060;% rs.moveprevious%&#062; does not populating &#060;INPUT type=text ... ; I can display a table using do ... loop;<BR>the code is in the sub Button_OnClick<BR><BR> &#060;%rs.movenext%&#062;<BR> <BR> frmMain.txt_LastName.value="&#060;%=rs("fld_lastna me")%&#062;"<BR> frmMain.txt_FirstName.value="&#060;%=rs("fld_first name")%&#062;"<BR> frmMain.txt_address.value="&#060;%=rs("fld_address 1")%&#062;"<BR>

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    Ryne Guest

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    I&#039m not clear enough with your problem, but it seems that what you&#039re trying to do is executing ASP code after you click a button in the same page.<BR>As far as I know, we cannot do that because ASP is the server side scripting. The code will be executed before the page is sent to browser, and after it reaches the browser, no more ASP code will be executed. All other processing then will be executed in client side (in your case using JavaScript), unless you request another page to the server (for example submit a form).

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