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    Here is a htm page that will email the text fields informaiton:<BR><BR>When you select the send button without filling the required fields it will give you a message and bring you back to the page again BUT in the Products field I get some mumbo jumbo thats not suposed to be there. Please take a look and give me a clue on how to get that field to read LandManager and not what it does say when the page loads after the message! thank you for you time and help.

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    ...using MSIE 6.<BR><BR>What browser are you using?<BR><BR>But actually, I don&#039;t see how it works, at all!<BR><BR>You do *THIS*:<BR><BR>function window_onload() {<BR> frmSendMail.txtProducts.value = product;<BR>}<BR><BR>But then you do *THIS*:<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT id="txtProducts" readOnly type="text" name="products"&#062;<BR><BR>HUH???<BR><BR>I&#039; ll bet that this doesn&#039;t work on any browser except MSIE 6 (maybe 5?).<BR><BR>You *should* be using:<BR><BR>function window_onload() {<BR> document.frmSendMail.products.value = product;<BR>}<BR><BR>For some browsers, you *must* specify document.FormName.<BR><BR>And so far as I knew, you are supposed to *always* use FormName.FieldName and never FormName.IDvalue.<BR><BR>

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