Bill likes dulcimers!

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Thread: Bill likes dulcimers!

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    Default Bill likes dulcimers!

    I find that so interesting! When my grandfather passed away I got his hammer dulcimer and have yet to figure it out let alone tune it. What do you use to tune?

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    Default An electronic tuner!

    I can mostly tune mine by ear...but to *itself*. So I&#039;ll have it all tuned nicely...but about a half tone sharp on every single note.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t even *thing* about using anything but an electronic tuner. And make sure you get one of the clamp-on sensors rather than relying on a microphone. Much easier and faster and background noise doesn&#039;t bother it.<BR><BR>How many strings, left and right, is yours?<BR><BR>Here&#039;s what I mean:<BR><BR><BR>That shows a "12/11" instrument (as well as the usual tuning), which is what mine is. Since it&#039;s only a "relaxation" instrument for me (I only get serious on the clarinet), that&#039;s all I need. Want to hear me play "Oh, Dem Golden Slippers"? Or "Planxty Fanny Power"?<BR><BR>

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