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    Default possible in Access?

    Is it even possible to run a query like this in Access?<BR><BR>if not exists (select * from smilies<BR> where id=object_id(&#039; smilies&#039;) and name=&#039;group_id&#039;)<BR> alter table smilies add group_ID varchar(64) NULL<BR>go

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    Default Not that I know of...

    ...but you could do the equivalent with a bit of VBScript code.<BR><BR>Actually, I don&#039;t see how that would work in *ANY* DB!<BR><BR>You are asking to access schema info in an ordinary SELECT from the table you want the info about!<BR><BR>Presumably, in other DBs you would look at the *schema* for the "smilies" table, but that&#039;s by no means the same thing as looking at the table itself.<BR><BR>

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