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    Hi<BR>I manage a website which interacts a lot with an Access 2000 database to present athletics race results and stats to my visitors through ASP scripts.<BR>On Monday my webhost unceremoniously suspended the site with no warning because I had apparently broken their terms by apparently not closing down database connections properly and this had apparently caused resources on the webserver to reach critical levels.<BR><BR>I shall leave my opinions on their customer service to another forum (as the site is still not back with no indication when they might "work with me" to resolve it) but I am still trying to fathom what has happened here and technically what aspects I need to address.<BR><BR>The site has had more or less the same code for 2-3 months so it&#039;s clearly nothing new. I suspect it must be a volume traffic related issue as the site did get about double normal visitors immediately prior to the "chop" because of a recent athletics meeting that people were coming to view results of.<BR><BR>I am not quite sure what tools I can use to check what certain scripts are doing in terms of resources use, after all I pay them to host and manage the webserver.<BR><BR>Just before the chop everything seemed to be working as I expected.<BR><BR>If for instance you open a database connection to perform a DB read and the website visitor "gets bored" and clicks off the page would this leave open database connections as the script may not have got to the close and null database object statements that I always put when I&#039;m done (at least fairly sure I do)?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Tim Grose<BR><BR>

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    Garbage collection on the server will close your database connections for you.<BR><BR>I&#039;d just chalk it off to a suck-a$$ host and change.<BR><BR>Right now, I&#039;m using webhost4life.com and they seem decent and are cheap.

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