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    Ok this is a stupid question, but I really don&#039;t know the answer. I&#039;m still reading the ASP in 21 Days book (don&#039;t laugh those of you who remember me asking about long have I had it, like 3 months?). Anyway, I just finished week 2 (hey stop laughing) and it said something like &#039;You started off as a beginning asp coder and now you&#039;re advanced!&#039;<BR><BR>First of all, I still consider myself somewhat of a beginner at ASP. Maybe Intermmediate. I am happy to say that I hand code most of my work. After reading the first two weeks though, I&#039;d say I knew 80% of the stufff before hand. The other 20% I completely understood, but it&#039;s stuff that I forget easily. But how do you know whether you&#039;re beginner, advanced, expert or whatever?<BR><BR>Personally, I think I&#039;m only at expert status on Photoshop and I&#039;ve been using that program for 8 years. Heck, I probably wouldn&#039;t even say expert, maybe advanced. But after filling out job application after job application recently, everybody wants advanced asp coders and such. I don&#039;t know what to consider myself. I don&#039;t want to pump myself up too much but I don&#039;t want to be misleading either. I&#039;ve developed lots of small ASP applcations in the past; shopping carts, project managers, calendars, etc.<BR><BR>I can make database connections and do all types of queries. Yet I have problems with things like arrays and sessions and things like that. Not because I find them difficult, they&#039;re actually sort of easy once I figure stuff out, but I just don&#039;t think I use them enough. I know how to use stored procedures, but I don&#039;t know them that well. And I forget simple things all the time, like what&#039;s the function to get the number of characters in a string (ok, I know it&#039;s len() but I&#039;ll probably forget it in a week or so).<BR><BR>So basically, I guess what I&#039;m wondering is, how do you know where you stand as a programmer? Personally, I&#039;m a graphic designer whose learned code out of necessity. So to consider myself advanced, I&#039;m just not sure. But then I hear of people who don&#039;t know hardly anything about asp who consider themselves advanced and I wonder. At least I know I&#039;m not an expert. I&#039;ll leave that to BW and God and all you big guns.<BR><BR>Wil

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    &#062; how do you know where you stand as a programmer?<BR><BR>most folks in the industry tend to guage by experience in terms of years spent using the tech, but this is generally not a great guide. As for self-gauging, well, I&#039;d say it&#039;s a confidence (but not bravado) thing....<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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    Default Is *anybody* advanced??

    In all things, that is.<BR><BR>I can code up a heluva bunch of VBS and JS, but my SQL (especially in Stored Procs) is weak. And my graphic skills are non-existent. (See our personal web pages for evidence of that: !)<BR><BR> just want to find a position that meets your particular strengths. (Or not! Depends on your philosophy. I&#039;ve never ever been hired to do the same kind of work I had done before. Every job is a new adventure for me. If I don&#039;t learn something *really* new within a short time, I start getting bored and looking for another job.)<BR><BR>

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