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    today, answer me these questions. All of &#039;em.<BR><BR>1) What would the population of the Earth be if there were never any wars?<BR><BR>2) If conceving children would be painful, would we ever get married? Would we talk to opposite sexes?<BR><BR>3) Reverse the race since the Dawn of time so that everyone who is white, is black. Would we have had white slaves? Prove that. Prove it&#039;s a "human-nature" thing vs a "white" thing<BR><BR>4) If the USA went to a Communist government for a day, how money would I get?<BR><BR>5)If a child dies at 2, how many of his unborn children will never be concevied from here to eternity?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Will that tie ya up for awhile?

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    1. Maltus Saids that war is a natural phenomena to stop population growt... The true is the bad distribution of richness.<BR><BR>2. To have someone to be is the best way of be part of humanity, Me and my girlfriend loves us whatever happend to us.<BR><BR>3. Race is not the problem, it is only pigmentation factor. But USA is son of Britania and Britania stole the gold to Spanish who was Latin America Gold, after wars Europe see USA as a better place to live, also USA believes in Technical as a production factor and believe in risk on bussiness as their primary field of growt, Britania only think on science as a principal factor of domination, in Latin America This laws doesn&#039;t function cause corruption. Technical Industry is followed by Informatic Industry and is centraliced on USA nowadays. (The Capital is under all layers)<BR><BR>4. Money is not the clue, money always must exists as a good innovation, To be Comunist is possible in two ways, by a revolution or by evolution, evolution doesn&#039;t touch anything, maybe it will be the path for the USA. As perestroika was the path for URSS.<BR><BR>5. Noone dies, we only use our body as part of a universal spirit, we came from him and we go to him, we all are one.

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