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    Dave2000 Guest

    Default Double Quote problem

    I have used the REPLACE function to extract and replace any strings that have a single quote with another character without a problem. Now I have used the REPLACE function to try and replace double quotes with single quotes, but I can&#039t get it to work. I use: myString = REPLACE(myString,""","&#039"). Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.

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    Try <BR>replace(myString,",&#039)???<BR><BR>or<BR>repl ace(myString,"""","&#039") .. but I think the first will work.

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    Dave2000 Guest

    Default Second one works

    The second response worked. I tried the first one already but didn&#039t think of the second one. Thanks for the help.

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    Default use ASCII code

    The ASCII code for double quotes is chr(34) so I would use:<BR><BR>replace(mystring,chr(34),"&#039")<BR>< BR>-Keith

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