Hi guys,<BR> I have IIS 5.00 running, where the home directory is c:webSiteFiles. I&#039;ve installed Visual Studios.net.<BR>Whenever creating a new "Asp.net" application, I get an error saying <BR>"Cannot create the offline cache....c:dotnetlahlah". Unable to create a disk-based web at c:dotnetlahlah because its parent would not be a disk-based web. Create the disk base web elsewhere, outside of your web servers document hierarchy."<BR><BR>I went into TOOLS/OPTIONS-------Projects....(in VS.Net)<BR>and regardless of which directory I set the "Web project cache" I get the same error....<BR>what&#039;s going on here?<BR><BR>If I set the Web project cache directory to drive A: it works fine......it creates a ASP.net project. But obviously that&#039;s not an option (reading from the floppy). <BR><BR>This was working fine...just don&#039;t know what went wrong...many thanks in advance.