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    mauriciofuentes2003 Guest

    Default Transactions

    Cristians <BR>- Son <BR>- Holy Spirit <BR>- Father <BR><BR>Freudians <BR>- Subconcient <BR>- Concient <BR>- Ego <BR><BR>Modern Analysis<BR>- Boy (Revel, adapted)<BR>- Adult<BR>- Father (Critic, Contemplative)<BR><BR>Historically, Are human (social) transactions easy?<BR><BR>Who is the killer country of all ages?

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    Default Go AWAY mauriciofuentes2003

    I think we are all tired of your stupidities, you are not welcome here

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    mauriciofuentes2003 Guest

    Default Sorry!

    I born to be stupid an brillant at the same time...<BR><BR>Your are not stupid and less brillant!<BR><BR>Moron.

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    Default RE: Sorry! as if....

    I dont believe for even a moment that you are sorry.<BR><BR>You post here to annoy us (trolling for vitriol), there is no other reason.<BR><BR>What will happen if someone figures out who you are?

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    mauriciofuentes2003 Guest

    Default I'm the tipical

    10 classmate...<BR><BR>but thanks to God I&#039;m not American.

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    Default RE: I'm the tipical

    Thank God!<BR>They already have a pretty rough reputation, if you were one of them it would be getting worse (and fast).

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