Hi<BR><BR>I am calling .NET components from my Classical ASPs.<BR>For this I strong named my assemblies, then registered them in the resistry ( using RegAsm), and put them in GAC (using GacUtil) . <BR>Everything worked fine and my ASPs were able to call and use them.<BR><BR>The problem comes when my ASP code assigns an ASP object variable to a property of a class in the assembly like:<BR> oDotNetObject("Name") = Request("Name") <BR>( where oDotNetObject is a class in my registered assembly )<BR><BR>The COM Callable Wrapper sends it as System._ComObject to .NET Runtime which then throws exception as nothing is allowed on System._ComObject. On the other hand, passing it as Variant solves the problem.<BR> Dim varName = Request("Name") <BR> oDotNetObject("Name") = varName<BR><BR>But this would require a significant change in my ASP pages. I want to modify only my .NET components. Is there any way I can use this System._ComObject in my managed code or any way I can make CCW to handle it. I was trying to use System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal namespace to use the System._ComObject I have not been able to do it.<BR><BR>Thanks in anticipation<BR>Varun