Hi all,<BR>I have a small scaled message board that I have built from scratch...everything works fine, now I just want to add one last feature...to be able to reply to a message and have that message show up as a reply underneath of it&#039s parent message. So, without any further rambling, here we go:<BR><BR>I have an Access table that contains all the message info (subject, date, username, parentID, messageid). When a new message is posted, it gets a new messageid (let&#039s assume 5 for this example), and has a parentid of 0. Now say I want to reply to this message. Upon replying to it, the new message (reply) will have a messageid of 6 with a parentid of 5. All this functions properly and gets stored in the database.<BR><BR>Here is the problem: How can I get all the messages that are parents and then display their children (replies) underneath of them? Do I need to have multiple recordsets? Or is there an SQL command that I can issue that will solve my problem?<BR><BR>Your input will be greatly appreciated!!!<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>JOHN