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    Hi Friends!<BR><BR>I have one textbox in my ASP page. when a user enters<BR>1 in the textbox then 3 textboxes should appear below the first textbox<BR>and if he/she enters 2, 2 sets of 3 textboxes should be generated.<BR>How to do this??<BR><BR>Pls help

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    Default For what browsers?

    If you want this for Netscape 4.x browsers, then you could only do it by either using frames or by submitting the page to ASP and then regenerating it.<BR><BR>If you want it for MSIE and NS 6/7, then it can be done, but it can be a real pain if you are trying to put these form fields into &#060;TD&#062; cells in a table.<BR><BR>

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