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    How to write the code for setting an auotmated E-Mail with out popping any mail sevices such as MS Outlook when the user clicks a button

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    Try CDO object. think about who you will send the emails to. it&#039s webmaster or casual users. if it&#039s webmaster, you may embed the webmaster &#039s email information in the asp code. if it&#039s casual users, you gotta get input from users then use cdo to send <BR>emails to them. <BR><BR>connie

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    CDONTS is the default one which comes with ASP.<BR>Here&#039s the code for that.<BR>set objNewMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>objNewMai l.from ="AutoMail"<BR> = ""<BR>objNewMail.subject=" Test Mail"<BR>If you want to have an attachment(optional)<BR>objNewMail.AttachFile "C: est.txt"<BR>objNewMail.send<BR>set objNewMail = nothing<BR><BR>this is the piece of code, which will automatically send mail to outlook and WILL NOT POPUP OUTLOOK WINDOW.<BR>Hope this clears your question?

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