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    hi guys<BR><BR>I have a form which displays all records from my recordset. The plan is to let users check a checkbox for each record they want to "approve", then hit submit. At this point, I want to call an UPDATE statement that updates ONLY the records that have been checked on the form.<BR><BR>This is really bugging me. I&#039;ve never tried to do an UPDATE of multiple records at once. It strikes me that it would be a good plan to get all the checked records into an array and loop the UPDATE statement through the array. Don&#039;t know how, though.<BR><BR>Either that or just do an UPDATE statement WHERE request.form("checkbox") = "-1" and recordID = request.form("recordID").<BR><BR>Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm. What do you think?<BR><BR>Help!<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Rob

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    no.. much better to let them select all the tickboxes, then loop through all the values building an SQL query string, i.e.<BR><BR>WHERE id=1 OR id=2 OR id=43 etc...<BR><BR>Then you just need one sql statement, much faster..

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