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    Well... actually, my page(searchresults.asp) will show all the results that you searched for.. These results are from the sql server. All the datas are different. On the right of every record, there is a checkbox.<BR><BR>Now is the scenario..<BR><BR>After all records are shown, I will check a few checkboxes. Then i will click the button. All the data that is checked will be inserted in the sql server. But the thing is that all data records is different..<BR><BR>Its actually kinda off like the hotmail, where you checked a few boxes and put them into a different folder..<BR><BR>U got what i mean? I hope u can help...

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    funny you should mention that - I&#039;m trying to do a multiple UPDATE statement that updates lots of different records with the with today&#039;s date and a boolean checkbox value).<BR><BR>It would seem that the easiest way to do this is to do an UPDATE on the page &#060;i&#062;after&#060;/i&#062; the form and only update WHERE Request.Form("Checkbox") or whatever is checked.<BR><BR>The only problem I&#039;m having with this is getting the frickin SQL right! lol :-) <BR><BR>

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