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    Hi all;<BR><BR>I have a web page that has been designed to be displayed in IE 5.0, but must also be displayed in other browsers, though without all the features built into the IE 5.0 version.<BR><BR>The dilema that I am running into is with a menu that I have created.<BR><BR>The top portion of the screen contains a one cell table 760 pixels in width, 110 pixels in height. This cell contains a background image that fills the cell. Displayed on the top, right is a page description, in text. This displays equally well in IE 5, and Netscape 4.x.<BR><BR>The problem comes when I try to insert the navigational menu into this cell. With IE 5, this drop down menu can be positioned absolutely- the left and bottom part of the menu fits into the cell at an x,y coordinant and lines up with the left and bottom parts of the cell. And it does not affect the position of descriptive text in the top right of the cell. However, it would appear that Netscape (and probably other browsers) do not support this.<BR><BR>Is there anyway that I can position this navigational table so that it is within the cell? I currently just add another row and throw it into that second row, but I don&#039t like how now we have two different looking pages.<BR><BR>Any help anyone can provide would be great!<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Chris

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    may be able to help you but without seeing the code I&#039m at a loss as to how to fix it... Could you either post the code or Email it to me at carl@thesaurus.co.uk ?<BR><BR>

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