How do I retrieve values from dynamically created controls?<BR>I was able to create controls dynamically and set values for these controls. I also have a submit button with an onClick event that I would like to retive the values of these controls. The controls disappear from the page in the submit_OnClick sub ( I guess because of postback). When I create each control, I also try setting the .EnableViewState and .AutoPostBack properties to true. Nothing works.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help, Rich<BR><BR>There is 2-part article from Scott Michell (<BR>"Working with Dynamically Created Controls" that explains how to dynamically ceate controls. I wrolte to him to ask him to expand his article to include retrieving values from these controls.<BR><BR>Dear Scott,<BR>I am currently writing web form report application that dynamically creates report input controls (textbox, checkbox, dropdownlist) and a report is selected and then set default values for these controls and allow the user to enter parameters on these control. I also have a Submit button to run the report. On the onClik event of the Submit button, I would like to retrieve the values of the dynamically created controls and store them in session. But these controls disappear are NO longer availabe in the Submit_onClick. How do I retrieve values from these dynamically created controls. Could you please expand your articles to include on how to retrieve values from these controls.<BR><BR>Thanks, Rich