Hi Friends,<BR><BR>I have developed a VB component (Activex dll) which interacts with another program (IBM PCOM which is a terminal emulator) and sends keyboard commands through API&#039s provided by PCOM. This works perfectly when called from another VB exe(using createobject to instantiate the object).<BR><BR>But when I use Server.CreateObject from ASP, the component does not work and it behaves indifferently. Sometimes, the component does not do the required operation, and sometimes I get a Memory Violation in InetInfo.exe. Server.Createobject is successful and it is able to call the methods correctly but the API&#039s called from the VB component fail when called from ASP.<BR><BR>Can someone find out the problem and suggest remedies ?<BR><BR>Thanking everyone in advance,<BR>Murugan.<BR>