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    Hi Patrick,<BR>I have a 3 page application and i use session variables to pass data between them. unfortunately session variables are not being passed from page 1 to 2 (does not seem to persist). However session variables are being passed from page 2 to 3!<BR><BR>please help!<BR><BR>TIA <BR>mathayi2000@yahoo.com

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    Default do you want to give us examples

    of your code.<BR><BR>Are pages 1 & 2 on the same webserver?<BR><BR>c

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    this can happen when global.asa is changed. Not only when a <BR>human physically changes the file, but it has been known to be triggered by FrontPage Server Extensions, Index Server, several varieties of anti-virus software, and even file replication software. <BR> <BR>If you are having trouble tracking down the event that caused the problem (e.g. in the Windows Event logs and IIS&#039; own log files), check the last modified date/time of global.asa, and see if it was changed at around that time. This should at least give you a bit of a direction in finding out what happened.

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