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    I have a text field and by the side of that i have a image that opens the calender and user can select the date from that calender.What i want to do now is disable the text field..what i mean is the only way the user can enter a date is by slecting the date from calender they shoule not be able to enter anything in teh text field..any help appreciated<BR>

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    Default Just make it readonly

    &#060;INPUT ... READONLY&#062;<BR><BR>If you need this to *also* work with Netscape 4.x browsers, then you have to take it a step further (because they don&#039;t understand READONLY):<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT ... READONLY onFocus="this.blur();"&#062;<BR><BR>That won&#039;t work if the user has JavaScript disabled, but your popup calendar won&#039;t work if JS is disabled so that shouldn&#039;t bother you.<BR><BR>

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