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    The light is only a fronteir is like a partial finished model but to travel faster than ligth is only possible if the model is breaked down, when we was only cells can whe think that we could think or have concience?, NO! we weren&#039;t capable cause we were cells. Vacuum is another fronteir there are smaller pieces (believe me)...<BR><BR>Ask Jesus if he could live after death, then ask you if you could do this, not you don&#039;t understand cause you live in a pre-dimesion ... the same is the light only a fronteir, and of course is possible to travel everywere at every speed, the fact is that we couldn&#039;t understand, we live remembering our past, the world is created yet and there is only one true the world is one and there is no limit only hard remembering of partial truths inside our mind, partial truths that walk with us and our negligent mind, we explore the world when the world is done yet.<BR><BR>Is possible to live free, yes it is, only forget the dogmas of the momment, and let the flow of time do the job, nothing more nothing less only one evolving forever universe and only one truth (law).<BR><BR>Nothing could travel faster than light until all universe transforms into light, then a new kind of energy will be created and light only will be part of the new energy.<BR><BR>POSTLIGHTENERGY = SPLIT (UNIVERSE, LIGHT)<BR><BR>PRELIGHTENERGY = SPLIT (VACUUM, ZEROTIME)<BR>

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    .... either start making some sense or shut the hell up already - please!

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    poor stick.

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    Default you are strange dude ;) <eop>


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