CURRICULUM VITAE<BR>================<BR><BR>LOVENEESH BANSAL<BR><BR>House No. D-42 Sector-55 Noida - 210310 India<BR>Phone: - 31089566<BR>E-Mail: -<BR><BR><BR>Objective :<BR>--------------------------------- <BR>To get a job in your esteemed organization that will use and enhance my technical skills conductive to the qualifications obtained.<BR><BR><BR>Summary :<BR>---------------------------------<BR>I am having more than 4 years of experience in development of Application Software for clients. I have extensive expertise in analyzing, designing, coding of variety of software applications using Visual Basic, ASP,MS-SQL Server, and Oracle.<BR><BR><BR>Experiences :<BR>---------------------------------<BR>· Working as a Software / Web Programmer from October 2000 till Date at Cross Section Interactive Pvt. Ltd., Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi.<BR> <BR>· Worked as a Software / Web Programmer from Dec-99 to Oct 2000 at DATANET India Pvt. Ltd., South Extension, Delhi<BR><BR>· Worked as a Software Engineer from June 1999 to Dec-99 at CMS Ltd., South Extension, Delhi.<BR><BR>· Worked as a Software Engineer from Mar 1998 to May-99 at Jaina Computers Sec-46C Chandigarh. <BR><BR>Technical Skills :<BR>---------------------------------<BR>· Operating Systems<BR> Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95/98, SCO-UNIX, NOVELL NetWare, MS-DOS<BR><BR>· Languages <BR> Visual Basic, C++, ASP,PHP, JSP, Cold Fusion,, C<BR><BR>· (Relational) Database Management Systems<BR> ORACLE, MS-SQL Server, MS Access, Foxpro<BR><BR>· Web authoring Tools<BR> Dreamweaver, Front Page, Visual Interdev<BR><BR>· Others<BR> COM, Software Engineering, System Analysis and Design, Quality Management, MS Office, Visual SourceSafe, Wise Install Builder, Help Scribble, Chart FX, Crystal Reports, Installshield, Quata Pro, Html help Workshop, Robo Help Writer, IIS Management, Networking, Firewall Security Implementation, Cute FTP. <BR><BR><BR>Live Projects (Client Server):<BR>---------------------------------<BR>· Ansals Flat Sales System<BR>Front End - Visual Basic 6.0<BR>Back End - MS-SQL Server 2000<BR>Description - This software is for selling the flats on line, locally and from the various sites of the company. The main requirement of the software is that no flat can be sold twice. If some body has hold the plot the other users can not touch the same.<BR><BR>· Travel Planner 2003<BR>Front End - Visual Basic 6.0<BR>Back End - Access 2000<BR>Description - This is a CD having the travel information of the leading tourist places of India. One can get the information from the CD. One can store the bookmarks too. <BR><BR>· Product Catalogue for JCB Escorts Ltd.<BR>Front End - Visual Basic 6.0<BR>Back End - Access 2000<BR>Description - This software is for the various dealers of the company which are interrelated with the company on line. If there is any other new product that will added to the dealers database directly. One can search for a part of a product any very. Very exhaustive search.<BR><BR>· Nyasa ERP System<BR>Front End - Visual Basic 6.0<BR>Back End - MS-SQL Server 2000<BR>Description - Nyasa is a leading export house. This software is fully functional ERP system for Nyasa. <BR><BR>· Factory Management System<BR>Front End - Visual Basic 6.0<BR>Back End - MS Access 2000<BR>Description - This application is a combination of three modules (Payroll, Accounting, and Inventory) integrated in a way to give optimum performance. It helps Factories like Expo Industries to automate and computerize their activities. <BR><BR>· Sales Forecasting and Tracking System<BR>Front End - Visual Basic 6.0 <BR>Back End - MS-SQL Server 7.0<BR>Description - This application provides an interface to define Sales Plans, and track sales on daily basis. This application also generates reports, which helps the company to forecast and make decisions to improve sales. Although this application is developed for Caltex Lubricants India Ltd., it can be used by any FMCG Company with less or no changes in the business rules.<BR><BR>· Institution Management System<BR>Front End - Visual Basic 6.0 <BR>Back End - ORACLE 7.0<BR>Description - This application helps to manage all the activities of Institutes like All India Management Association. Its user-friendly interface and flexibility in the integration of all the modules helps an Institute to centralize all its activities.<BR><BR><BR>Other Projects:-<BR>-------------------------<BR>· Resume Manager (in VB 6.0)<BR>· Database Installation Wizard (in VB 6.0)<BR>· NetMessage (in VB 6.0)<BR>· Employee Performance Monitoring (in VB 5.0 and MS Access)<BR>· Inventory Control System (in VB and MS Access)<BR>· Marks sheet Preparation (Foxpro 2.6)<BR>· Hotel Billing System (Foxpro 2.6)<BR><BR>Live Projects (Internet / Intranet ):-<BR>-----------------------------------------<BR>1) :- <BR><BR>Software :- Asp, SQl Server 2000, HTML, Java script, VB script<BR><BR>Description :- A leading web site in Travel industry. Sites provide the facility to read the various travel related stories. Any one can become member of the site and can read the stories. <BR><BR>My Role :- All the programming part, database designing is done by me. <BR><BR>2) (South Asian Tours and Travels Event)<BR><BR>Software :- Asp,, SQL Server 2000, Java Script, VB Script<BR><BR>Description :- This site is for the leading travel agents of travel Industry. All the leading buyers and sellers can registered themselves on the site. Every one got a unique security code and with this code he can fix up the meetings with other agents. All the admin part is developed in which is used by the clients itself. <BR><BR>My Role:- Programming in ASP, .net and database designing. <BR><BR>3)<BR><BR>Software :- ASP, SQL Server 2000, Java Script, VB Script<BR><BR>Description :- Moser Baer is a leading player in Data storage Disk media and this site is the corporate site of the company. <BR><BR>My Role :- Programming, Search Engine Coding <BR><BR>Some of the others sited developed and maintained by me are <BR><BR>1)<BR><BR>2)<BR><BR>3)<BR><BR>4)<BR><BR>5)<BR><BR>6)<BR><BR>7)<BR><BR>8)<BR><BR>9)<BR><BR>10)<BR><BR>11)<BR><BR>12)<BR><BR>13)<BR><BR><BR>Intranets:- <BR>---------------<BR>I have also developed intranets for companies like JCB, Amway, Pathways world school, Sita India.<BR><BR>Major Modules in Web <BR><BR>I have developed the modules like email, Chat, Message Systems, Bulletin Boards, Discussion System, Shopping Carts, Search etc. <BR><BR>FreeLance Work:-<BR>----------------<BR>Client :- NIIT <BR>Platform :- .NET<BR>Description :- To provide the real world development in .net Niit has hired me for developing demo projects and platforms. I have developed these projects on beta version of visual <BR><BR>Client :- United India<BR>Platform :- ASP, SQL 2000, VB script, Java Script, HTML<BR>Description:- United India is a multilevel marketing company having more that 20000 customers. The company is looking for a web based solution that any member can see the change behind him at any time. Full MLM solution. <BR><BR><BR>Academic Qualification : <BR>---------------------------------<BR>· Bachelors’ Degree from Punjab University (1996 - 1999).<BR><BR>· Passed the Higher Secondary Examination in (General Insurance) Vocational Stream from CBSE Chandigarh. (1994 -1996).<BR><BR>· Passed the High School Certificate Examination from the Punjab School Education Board , Mansa Punjab (1994).<BR><BR><BR>Professional Qualification :<BR>---------------------------------<BR>· Persuing M.S.C (Computer Science) from Maharishi Dyanand University Rohtak. <BR><BR>· Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology From Manipal Academy of Higher Education. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Qualities :<BR>---------------------------------<BR>· Ability to think critically, to evaluate situations, to make decisions, and solve problems.<BR>· Ability to set goals and priorities and to assume accountability for actions taken.<BR>· Self-esteem and confidence to provide the initiative and drive to get the job done.<BR>· Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and a good command over English <BR> Language.<BR>· Responsibility and reliability to work in and an understanding of a team environment.<BR>· Honesty, integrity and personal ethics with a continual desire to learn and expand <BR> horizons, and the ability to work without supervision.<BR>· Ability to prioritize work accurately and meet deadlines.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Personal Details :<BR>---------------------------------<BR>Father’s Name : SRI BANARSI DASS BANSAL<BR><BR>Date of Birth : 9th April 1978<BR><BR>Nationality : Indian<BR><BR>Sex : Male<BR><BR><BR>Permanent Address : Sant Ram Advocate Street<BR> Mansa (Punjab)<BR> PIN- 151505<BR> <BR><BR><BR>Declaration :<BR><BR>I hereby declare that the information provided by me are true to my knowledge and subject to verification by the authority. If anything is found to be wrong in anyway then my application may be rejected.<BR><BR><BR><BR>LOVENEESH BANSAL<BR>