Attacks tomorrow?

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Thread: Attacks tomorrow?

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    mauriciovladimir2003 Guest

    Default Attacks tomorrow?

    IMHO <BR><BR>No, I don&#039;t think so, there is no surprise...

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    Me attacking some beer, and attacking some steaks.<BR><BR>I&#039;m glad the CIA runs things through you first... your programming skills must assess the threat levels of the United States.<BR><BR>Thanks for not putting us into ORANGE this weekend.

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    mauriciovladimir2003 Guest

    Default Arrogant!


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    Default RE: Arrogant!

    Yes mauriciovladimir2003 you are arrogant.<BR>So am I.<BR>The difference is that you have managed to offend almost everyone on the site while I offend only a few.<BR>

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