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Thread: URGENT HELP PLEASE: ASP Application working in tes

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    Default URGENT HELP PLEASE: ASP Application working in tes

    I have created as asp application for my organisation. I was designer/programmer and completed development a good 3 months ago. My non-so-great organisation failed to test it extensively due to lack of testing resources and my project manager decided that since he was "oh so confident" that it was robust, he decided to go ahead with implementation regardless<BR><BR>The situation now is that the main page worked fine, even after testing, in the test environment. It reads a number of categories from the database. There are 2 levels - the first &#039;high&#039; level categories have a number of &#039;low&#039; level categories assigned to them. My asp page reads all these categories from a database and enters them into a series of dropdowns. That is, I have 10 rows, each has 2 dropdowns, one for each level, and a number of other (irrelevant to the problem) associated fields. <BR><BR>Last night data entry used a number of other pages to add the series of categories and associate them to each other - needless to say, the girl entering the data has limited computing skills and i fear she may have, to put it bluntly, stuffed up on the data entry, but as she is not here today, i don&#039;t know how<BR><BR>When something is selected from the high level dropdown, the contents of the associated low level dropdown changes dynamically based on the selection - I&#039;ve used javascript to do this, all the low level categories exist in client-side arrays. This worked PERFECT in testing. But now that its been transferred into production, which is supposed to be set up identical, just in a different location, when I select an option from the first level, IE gives me its little yellow warning sign in the corner of my browser and tells me that I have an error on line xxx. "Object expected"....and this is only the line that calls the function to update the dropdown. Why would this be??? Why doesn&#039;t it want to call the function???<BR><BR>I get the same problem when the browser first enters the page. I have, within my body statement, onLoad = functionName(), and it gives the same error for this line when the page loads.<BR><BR>Could anybody offer any, any at all, advice on what is going on here????<BR><BR>Further to that, I did test it once last night before I left and it worked fine, which leads me to believe that something has happened between when I left and when I arrived this morning....

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    Default Assuming the code...

    ...wasn&#039;t changed, then it must be a case of where the data entered has cause the code to go off in a direction it didn&#039;t go with your testing and so it then gets the error.<BR><BR>If this is your code, you *REALLY* ought to be familiar enough with it to begin debugging it.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t have a script debugger, then that pretty much reduces you to putting in tons of <BR> alert("in function foo()");<BR>and<BR> alert("in function bar(), variable mump has value " + mump );<BR>and the like.<BR><BR>OH...one other thing. To simplify your life, bring up the page in your browser, click on the VIEW menu, then click on the SOURCE menu item. Save the HTML that appears (presumably in Notepad) and debug *IT* (that is, put the alert()s into it) instead of the original ASP.<BR><BR>It may turn out to be an ASP error, but it&#039;s far easier to track down by starting from HTML alone.<BR><BR>ONE HINT: Watch out for data in the DB that has an apostrophe or quote in it! If that data gets copied into JS variables, then it can blow them out of the water!<BR><BR>Example:<BR> var foo = &#039;&#060;%= someVBSvariable %&#062;&#039;;<BR>but if the vbs variable contains (say) the name O&#039;Brien, then you end up with JS code like:<BR> var foo = &#039;O&#039;brien&#039;;<BR><BR>And of course that&#039;s a disaster.<BR><BR>What can I say? You should have tested it sooner.<BR><BR>

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