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Thread: XSLT+JS || Pure ASP.NET?

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    Default XSLT+JS || Pure ASP.NET?

    I'm creating a site where each page consists of a selection section with a dropdown box and a [Search] button. The [Search] button executes a WS where values are returned. Im new to ASP.NET and am considering the old way using XSL Transformation to display the selection section for each page and use JS to execute the WS. I want to know if there's a way to still execute the WS using ASP.NET with this XSLT approach? OR it can only be done if it's in pure ASP.NET? If so, how? Please advise, Thank You.

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    I don&#039;t really understand how the things are working together in what you&#039;re describing, is "WS" for web service?<BR><BR>It is easier to consume web services with ASP.Net than with classic, but they are both server-side.<BR>If you are using javascript in the browser (aka in the html) to consume the web service, stick with it.<BR><BR>

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