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    I am working with an application that uses a custom Session component that is keyed off of a temporary cookie on the client. My problem is that we allow multiple instances of this application to run and we are now sending an email that contains a link into our application. The problem is is that when this link is clicked it doesn&#039;t create a new instance of Internet Explorer. It instead spawns a window out of the last IE process (which contains an instance of our application), therefore the temporary cookie is with the new window as well and our sessions then get crossed. I was wondering if there is a Javascript (or JScript) command that will create a new instance of IE or is there some way of formatting the URL so that it will open a new instance of IE. I&#039;ve tried and creating a link with target = "_new" and neither create a true new instance. HELP!!!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Matt

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    Default Nope. It's up to the user's..

    .. machine.

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