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    Hi, I know its probably an easy question- but new to computers...<BR><BR>Im unsure how to insert the contents of one table into another table while changing the datatypes...<BR>INSERT INTO FLOW_DATA_1 (SITE_ID, DATE, TIME, LEVEL, FLOW) VALUES (<BR>SELECT SITE_ID, DATE, TIME, LEVEL, FLOW FROM FLOW_DATA<BR>);<BR>The statement above doesnt work, but I also need to change the datatype of DATE and TIME from TEXT to DATE/TIME format and LEVEL, FLOW from TEXT to NUMBER format..

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    If the tables have been setup correctly then you should have no problem the DB will take care of the Convertion.<BR><BR>BTW what db or DB&#039;s are we talking about? And you will have someproblems with the words DATE , TIME, LEVEL as I believe all three are reserved in most DB&#039;s <BR><BR>IF Access ot SQL Server then place [ ] around the offending word. otherwise look in you manual to see how it is done!

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