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    Hi,<BR>well yesterday too, had posted my query but no reply, hope this time some one may help me out. Thanks<BR><BR>I want to check whether browsers have their cookie enabled ? as I am using session variables. this is the how i check it.<BR><BR>Page A (from where I make a call to check cookie)<BR>``````````````<BR>Response.Cookies("MyC ookie") = "yes"<BR>Response.Cookies("MyCookie").Expires = Date + 1<BR>Execute("call CheckMyCookie")<BR><BR><BR>Page B ()<BR>````````````````````<BR>Sub CheckMyCookie")<BR><BR> if Request.Cookies("MyCookie") = "yes" then<BR> &#039;(this line below I am using to check for ASPsession cookies )<BR> If not Instr(1,UCASE(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_COOKIE ")),"ASPSESSIONID",VbBinaryCompare) &#062; 0 Then <BR> Response.Write "&#060;h2&#062;Please turn cookies on in your browser session"<BR> End if <BR> else<BR> Response.Write "&#060;h2&#062;Please turn cookies on in your browser session"<BR> end if<BR><BR>End Sub<BR><BR><BR>this works fine with IE5.5 but with IE6 even if I block the cookie(through Tools/internetOptions/Privacy tab Hight(Block AllCookies...)) even still this things work i.e cookies are enabled. whereas it ahould be disabled.<BR><BR>Any Suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    In IE6, cookies are enabled always.

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