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    Default can i retrieve...

    the date part only from a "now" function?

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    Default Why would you want to?

    Why not just use the DATE() function????<BR><BR>But, yes, you can:<BR> DateValue( Now() )<BR>which will give you the identical same thing as<BR> Date( )<BR><BR>Maybe it&#039;s time to review the list of functions available in VBScript?<BR><BR>(1) In the left panel of this page, click on "VBScript Reference"<BR>(2) In the list of topics that appears, click on "Functions"<BR>(3) Peruse the list. Read through the description of each function at least once or twice. You may not remember the details of the function, but you&#039;ll remember that such-and-such a function exists, and you can find it quickly next time.<BR><BR>

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