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    I&#039m trying to get a page updated from input of another page. The user uses a search on one page and that page is filled with fields for the search. Then the user links over to a second page &#060;A HREF=Search1.asp?ProjectNumber=&#060;%=sProjectNum ber%&#062;&#062; This page should then be populated with info based on the ProjectNumber which is a primary key in one table. ScheduleNumber is a primary key in another table. <BR>Page two has a sql="SELECT .....FROM .. and then<BR> sql=sql & "WHERE UCASE(ScheduleNumber) = &#039" & ucase(request(ProjectNumber )) & "&#039 ".<BR>The second page isn&#039t populated though????????? Can someone help me please. thanks!!!

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    It should be request("ProjectNumber"), ie. with qoutes.

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