Making the case for .Net Web Apps for everything!

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Thread: Making the case for .Net Web Apps for everything!

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    I really don&#039;t know much about .Net <BR><BR>My state agency creates software for the Texas Legislature. We pretty much have done everything in VB6, COM, DB2 database. Now I&#039;ve been asked to take one of our most complex applications which lets legislators track constituents (name, addresses, etc.) and the incoming/outgoing correspondence (date received, status, etc.) and make a mock up to convince our department managers that our apps should be .Net web apps (not windows apps). I know this is depends on many, many things and there is some subjective opinions on this, but what I need to know to begin with is: <BR><BR>Will all the functionality of windows apps forms and controls be available to me as web app? (One of the things this mock up will explore is just how user friendliness and functionality the web app could have.) <BR><BR>Some things mentioned that weren&#039;t available in a web app are: <BR>type-ahead combo box <BR>editable grids <BR>drag and drop controls <BR>tab control <BR>checked listbox <BR><BR>Is this true? <BR><BR>What about system resources in opening so many new IE windows for each new form versus one MDI windows app with its child forms? <BR><BR>How do I (or anyone) decide between a web app or a win app using .Net?<BR><BR>Is their a document(s?) someone can point me to that would better address these issues? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance of your replies, <BR><BR>Barry Watson <BR>Programmer/Analyst <BR>Texas Legislative Council

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    Tab control, editable grid?! Both are there in ASP.NET. Sure to get things just right it takes some work, but both are entirely do-able. Type-ahead comboboxes are also do-able via javascript, but that is not anything new to .NET. Checked list box could should be do-able via I-Frames. As to Drag-n-Drop controls: Are you speaking of design time or run time? At design time VS.NET supports drag-n-drop (creates CSS positioning). Just remember that ASP.NET is outputting good ol&#039; HTML and Javascript to the browser, no new client side technologies, just a different use of existing ones. It does make a lot of things alot easier and faster.<BR><BR>As to pop-ups. If you are opening up that many windows that you are worried about system resources you should seriously think about your user interface design. Trying to implement something like Query Analyzer where you potentially have a large number of child windows as a web form would not be that user friendly.<BR><BR>As to which method to choose: thickware or thinware. It really depends on the particular app. From your description I see no reason why this could not be an ASP.NET application and be very usable. Things like PhotoShop would be a nightmare to port to ASP.NET.<BR><BR>Email me at if you have further questions. I just finished what sounds to be a very similar project.<BR>O&#039;Cary.

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