I have created a user interface which allows anyone in the company to esaily change a the page title on the company web page. I want people to be able to change multiple related page titles at a time. Thus for example I have four text boxes at a time avaialable (prefilled witht he current title) Someone can obviously change one or all of the titles then hit submit where it will change the names in the sql database. The problem is that the textfields are created with a repeat region so they all have the same name. Thus a quesrystring or post method will give me a comma-delimited string. Not only am i passing the new title name, but the record ID as well to tell it which record i want updated. So if i were to use a get method it would be:
http://www.foobar.com/menu_parent2.asp?update_Heading=Find+A+Solution&Co lID=1&update_Heading=At++Your+Service&ColID2=2&upd ate_Heading=Our+Company&ColID=3&update_Heading=Cho ose+Your+Profile&ColID=4&Submit=Submit
Currently I am using the following command block to make the appropriate changes in the database, however because i cant figure out the proper way to split the data, the entire string is replacing the current value in all textfields.

set Command1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
Command1.ActiveConnection = MM_WebEuCon_STRING
Command1.CommandText = "UPDATE dbo.WBPgTpHdr SET dbo.WBPgTpHdr.Heading = '" + Replace(Command1__varHeading, "'", "''") + "' WHERE dbo.WBPgTpHdr.Site in ('" + Replace(Command1__LangSite, "'", "''") + "') "
Command1.CommandType = 1
Command1.CommandTimeout = 0
Command1.Prepared = true

Ultimately I am asking how to split the data and use the ColID as a pointer for updating the database with the new headings. My programming knowledge is quite minimal. I know there are ways to use JavaScript but i honestly wont be able to decipher the right implementation. I have tried using the icount, iloop, method but apparently i screwed up. Can anyone help out perhaps giving me some code snippets using my existing variables/parameteres as seen in the above code. Much appreciated