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    I am writting a search Engine in ASP and SQL2000. Since the there is heavy loading in SQL Server when searching and there would be 500+ result records displayed. I want to separate the result records in different pages and don&#039;t want to use PAGESIZE and ABSOLUTEPAGE. Those 2 parameters of ADO Recordset require to start new query time by time if changing ASP page to view different result records.<BR><BR>My solutions are as below,<BR>1. Store ADO Recordset object in Application Object. So the new query can be eliminated when changing page. I wonder there would be memory overloading if changing page for thousand times. <BR>2. Use GETROW and tranfer all result records into Array. Then store Array into Session Object. However there will be 8 columns in a result record. Can I use 8-dimension array?<BR><BR>Anybody can help or have better idea. Many thanks!<BR><BR>Jou<BR>

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