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    I am having a problem getting my database shop to work. I can connect to the database and get the database to show on my ASPs just fine. My products are displayed in drop-down boxes. By clicking on one of the drop-down options, I want a total price to be updated by the change in product. This is similar to Dell, Gateway, IBM, Apple, or Hewlett-Packard&#039s computer stores. At first I thought all of Dell&#039s computer parts were stored on the ASPs. However, after further research, I&#039m not so sure. Can you please shed some light on this subject and direct me on the correct path? <BR><BR>My e-mail address is

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    Your going to have to use Javascript to do this auto updating...but I&#039m not a Javascript guy, so someone else will have to show you an example. Hope this points you in the right direction.<BR><BR>JOHN

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