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Thread: file.AtEndOfStream ???

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    Just like we have file.atendofstream in asp..what is the syntax in vbscript..?<BR>ex:<BR>If Not file.AtEndOfStream Then<BR>strLine1 = file.ReadLine<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>

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    Default HUH???

    (1) That code *is* VBScript. Or, I suppose, VB.<BR><BR>(2) It doesn&#039;t (directly) have anything to do with ASP. Or, actually, with VBScript.<BR><BR><BR>You are using the Scripting.FileSystemObject, and that is an ActiveX object that can be used by *ANY* language that is capable of interfacing with ActiveX. <BR><BR>Would you care to try again? And explain what you are talking about?<BR><BR>

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