I have a page where in I have a textbox and 2 buttons. <BR><BR>Button1_click has more Code that would go to a database and check status of an action and come back with the status. <BR><BR>If status is true, I need an user response where I prompt a user "Does this work?" . If user says ok, I will go ahead with further database operation. <BR><BR>Everything works fine - Post back happens. But I lose the contents of the Textbox. I have turned on "EnableViewState" for the textbox to be true. <BR><BR>May be Iam missing something. Any suggestions ? <BR><BR>Is there any other way to do it ? BTW, what is the difference between GetPostBackEventReference and GetPostBackClientEvent methods? <BR><BR><BR>protected void Button1_Click(object Source, EventArgs e)<BR><BR>{<BR><BR><BR><BR>StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();<BR><BR>sb.Append("&#060;script&#0 62;
"); <BR><BR>sb.Append("var ok=confirm(&#039;Does this work?&#039;);
"); <BR><BR>sb.Append("if(ok==true){
");<BR><BR>sb.Append(Page.GetPostBackEventReferenc e(Button3,"true") + "
"); <BR><BR>sb.Append("&#060;/script&#062;");<BR><BR>Page.RegisterClientScriptBl ock("but",sb.ToString()); <BR><BR>}<BR><BR><BR><BR>protected void Button3_Click(object sender,EventArgs e)<BR><BR>{<BR><BR>Response.Write("Hello");<BR><BR >/* code for database changes */<BR><BR>}<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Rajini<BR>