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    I have a form that creates a set of dropdown menues based on user input. Ex. choose 3 and get 3 of the same dropdowns with the same form name. The user submits to the asp processing page that accepts the dropdown menus as a comma seperated variable with one name. ex (college_type = usc, ucla, fl st)<BR><BR>I am using the remdups function to remove duplicates from the incoming array to prevent multiples into sql server. The problem is when I attempt to place the college_type variable from above into an array function in order to remove the duplicates.<BR><BR>ex<BR>getcollege_type = request.form("college_type")<BR><BR>theArray = Array(getcollege_type)<BR><BR>this will not work for me but if I hard code it into the fuction it works perfectly...<BR>ex<BR><BR>theArray = Array(12, 15, 22, 34)<BR><BR>please help.<BR><BR>Ryan<BR>

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    After you get the values from the form and they are comma delimited use the split function. This will place them into a one-demensional array for you.

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