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    Ok, I know cookies are domain specific, but here&#039;s my problem...<BR><BR>I have a website on 7host, but the address is really long, so I&#039;m using a free domain forwarding from so the site is something like Now, whenever i go to, the site will always say, never will change no matter where you click. (it puts my site in a frame that covers the whole page). Now, my site tries to use cookies to login people... and it works fine if I use the long address from 7host, but won&#039;t recognize the cookie if I use the domain forwarded from<BR><BR>Now, if I can&#039;t use cookies, is there some way I can make it so a user logs in once and then doesn&#039;t have to login in again?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    IE6 doesn&#039;t like cross-domain cookies. strictly, what&#039;s happening is this<BR><BR>you&#039;re being loaded in a frame.<BR>the window is then &#039;owned&#039; by the domain of the top-level frame<BR>any content within those frames is considered third-party if loaded from a different domain, therefore your cookies are being rejected as a potential privacy risk. there are a couple of ways around this :<BR><BR>1. create a valid P3P policy which will tell IE6 that your cookies are safe<BR>2. stop using frames-based domain redirection<BR>3. maintain state through the querystring instead (a fair bit of work, though)<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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