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    i am hoping that someone could tell me if the following is possible, and if so point me in the direction of a decent website, tutorial.. etc..<BR><BR>i have an html page (actually i dont, but lets say i do).. that has a map with 5 different regions.. depending on various incidents that are happening in the region the map is a differnt color within that region. for example if there is a fire in region A then region A will show up as red on the map. Every 60 seconds I do a metarefresh and the user will get an updated map.<BR><BR>I want to do a similar page using flash. But i want everything to be &#039;live&#039; I don&#039;t want the html page to be refreshed.... i reliase that i need to constantly be getting information from the server but can i make this transparent to the user? can i do something like this using asp, flashmx and sql server?<BR>

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    Actually, not too difficult at all. what you&#039;d do is get the flash object to do a new loadVariables (or refresh an XML doc) every so often. the user wouldn&#039;t really know it was happening, because the screen would be pretty much flicker-free. the only real clue would be their network meter and perhaps a message in the browser status bar.<BR><BR>here&#039;s an article on ASP and Flash based on a map I did a while ago with dynamically-placed locations plotted on it :<BR><BR><BR><BR>basically the article doesn&#039;t show much more than how to load an XML document and take action based on it, but as you&#039;ll see, the XML is generated by an ASP page pulling from SQL Server, so quite simlar to your goal, really.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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