I am trying to convert a stand alone Event Calendar application to a IBSPortal module. I have implemented the database table and the stored procedures. I have taken the data access subrs,put them together under a class file as methods. I have compiled the class and added it to the Portal class library in the bin directory<BR><BR>I have added the module to the Portal. When I run the Portal and select the Event Calendar tab, I get an Invalid Cast Exception error.<BR><BR>What is happening is: The Control(.ascx) calls a local subr. which in turn calls a data access method, and passes a collection object BYRef. The called method function declares a structure object and adds these objects to the collection.<BR><BR>The control then calls another local subr to operate on the items of the collection objects. It declares a local object of type structure, the structure being the same configuration as the method declared structure. It is here that the compiler fires the "Invalid Cast Exception" I have tried to pass the structure object ByRef to the method function along with the collection object but the compiler objected.<BR><BR>I can&#039;t see where this should be such a problem, unless one doesn&#039;t know what he is doing!!!! I would be interested in buying a GOOD VB.Net book if one was available. I have a VB6 Bible but it is woefully inadequate with VB basics. <BR>