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    Hi,<BR>I&#039;m trying to create a Newsletter script, where emails will be sent to subscribers periodically. I&#039;ve tried this by extracting the email addresses of each subscriber from database and send mail individually to each recipient until the recordset reaches EOF. But it is giving me Timeout Error from Server. Can anyone pls suggest a solution for this.I&#039;m using Persist software ASP Email component. Thanks in advance.<BR>Abhra

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    seem like you&#039;re doing it the wrong way<BR><BR>you can either raise the script time out value on the server<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>write something that retrieves all the e-mail in a variable and send it as 1 mail instead of several mail which prolly caused the time out<BR><BR>mysql="select email from members where newsletter=1":execute(mysql)<BR>do while not myrs.eof<BR>recipients=recipients+myrs("email")&"; "<BR>myrs.movenext:loop<BR><BR>call mail(recipients,subject,message)<BR><BR>keep in mind that your mailserver might have a mximum of recipients set for an outgoing mail<BR><BR>maybe this helps

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