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Thread: How to read/download the a query string from Inter

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    Hi all,<BR>I hope someone can give me some solutions for my problem. I&#039;ve created a course-registration process for Intranet users, and the webmaster also has created another coure-registration process on the Internet website for Internet users. We don&#039;t use the same registration database table, but we need to know the latest number of people registered for each course, so we won&#039;t allow each system accept more than the maximum capacity assigned for each course.<BR>So we thought of doing this way: <BR>1.everytime I add an attendee from my Intranet app, I need to get the count(query string) from the Internet.<BR> the count with the maximum capacity.<BR>3.add to Intranet sql server database if space available<BR>4.Increase the count by 1<BR>5.Send the count back to the Internet system.<BR><BR>Can someone please suggest me how to do #1 and #5 in Thanks for all of your help.<BR><BR>

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    Is it not possible for you to get the reqd data directly from the database of the internet application? I mean connect to the database from your intranet application and get the values.<BR><BR>anyway... You might find the HttpRequest and HttpResponse useful if you need to connect to some web page to get the data.<BR><BR>HTH

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