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    The first time I saw it, I thought it was an ad for some kind of Gay/Swingers Singles Site.<BR><BR>The one on the left... "They might not know it.. But it&#039;s their PDF too. It&#039;s everyone&#039;s PDF.".<BR><BR>It bothers me.<BR><BR>It should be removed out of bad taste.

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    Default Hehe...

    ya it does look like some sort of gay ad but didn&#039;t feel like being the first one to post about this :-)<BR><BR>What does that make me :( I&#039;m scared...LOL <BR>TGIF<BR><BR>Vlince<BR><BR>

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    PDFs are gay :P<BR>LOL<BR>

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    Default That's why the village people keep

    being flashed on the left!

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