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    Hello,<BR> I wish to know the requirements to send an email through ASP using CDONTS.<BR> can anyone help me in this regard?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Keerthi

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    Gundi Guest

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    U require an IIS Server with SMTP installed on it.<BR>It will not be installed if u r using Typical installation of NTOption Pack.U have to select Custom and in that Select SMTP server.<BR>anything else u require mail me

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    Ramakrishna Guest

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    In Internet Service manager to to SMTP check whether a domain is added, if no domain is available - right click on Domains and click new to add new domain, set the domain as default in properties dialog box.<BR><BR>After this i think your domain needs to have a valid .com extention for sending mails on the web, for intranet u can create u&#039r own inbox using CDONTS and check in the Drop box.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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