Hi, I am using the following code as part of a form processing script, which essentially e-mails the form results:<BR><BR>For Each x In Request.Form<BR> message=message & x & ": " & Request.Form(x) & CHR(10)<BR>Next<BR><BR>The fields seem to go into the message in random order, rather than the order they are presented on the HTML page. I have, in the past, hard coded the form fields in, but that isn&#039t flexible enough for the site I am working on now, as the forms will change regularly.<BR><BR>Is there any way I can either code to pick up the form fields in the order they are presented on the page, or change something in the HTML document so they are picked up in the correct order?<BR><BR>Your thoughts are most appreciated!<BR><BR>Cheers..<BR>Drew